Greymist Swamp

Geography and Ecology.

The Greymist swamp is found on the east side of the Feymist Mountains. The swamp is inhabited by a mix of fey creatures ranging from mossy swamp walkers to small, spread-out communities of faeries and sprites.

Points of Interest.

Near the western edge of the swamp, there is a small outpost run by an eccentric gnome by the name of Don, who calls himself “King of the Swamp.” At this bar/general store/inn, it is possible to find most provisions needed for survival, although the question of how he keeps his stock is unknown and at times suspect. All kidding aside Don’s outpost is a center for herb and spice gathering from the swamp. This can be lucrative for those that are willing to risk the dangers of the swamp.

Greymist Swamp

By Tooth and Nail AndyG