Corwin's Crossing


The town of Corwin’s Crossing lies at the intersection of the Ignus River and the Cairne Road.


The population of Corwin’s Crossing consists of a mix of farm workers, former farm workers turned businessmen, dock workers, and traveling merchants who sell their wares in the dock market.

The racial composition of Corwin’s Crossing is mainly human, although members of the halfling, gnomish, and elven (including half-elves) races are also represented. There is even a rumor that the secretive owner/operator of the Dockside Bazaar is a dwarf.


The economics of Corwin’s Crossing are similar to any others you may find in small farming villages anywhere. The population relies on the trade in raw materials and food staples with the surrounding villages and merchants.


The town is governed by a mayor and town council. The members of the council meet on a regular basis in the town hall located on the town’s central square. This makes Corwin’s Crossing a free city.


The peace is kept by the city guard, headed by Magistrate Archibald.

Points of Interest.

Ma Benton’s

This is the home and business of the town healer, who of late has been kept so busy she has had to hire nurses.

Raftin’s Inn

An upscale inn located near the center of town.

The Pig and Whistle

A bar and inn located near the Dockside Bazaar.

The School of the Grey Falcon

This is a monastery which was established many years ago, when the city itself was little more than the larger of the small housing hamlets that dotted the Corwin Plains. It is headed by Master Adar, and new initiates are required to pass a rite of combat in order to gain access to the school’s secrets.

Town Hall

Located in the central city square, this is the city’s center of authority and power.

Corwin's Crossing

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