By Tooth and Nail

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Session 5
Meeting Brendan
Session 4
Exploring the farmsteads
Session 3
Entering Corwin's Crossing
Session 2

After taking a short rest outside the caves of the underground river, Andy and Toby began to hear the repeated rumbling of thunder coming from inside the caves. It turned out that an Eladrin airship crash landed nearby, leaving only a hand full of survivors. At that point, only 3 remained, and they were fighting for their lives trying to escape their imprisonment by the kobolds living in the cave.

After carefully making their way into the caves, Andy and Toby came to the assistance of Adam when he was about to be overrun by the larger of the kobold groups in the cave. After clearing up the vermin, the group gathered Adam’s things and moved further into the caves. When given the option of killing the kobold young, they allowed them to live, scaring them into running away.

The group then proceeded through the mountain underpass to the Corwin Plains.

Session 1
First meeting of Andy and Toby

Emile Yaska was making his way through Greymist Swamp trying to find a path to Corwin’s Crossing, a small village built to serve the larger group of small farming communities surrounding the Ignus River.

At a small swamp-dweller outpost, Andy’s character inquired about a scout that could guide him through the mountain passes that separate the Greymist Swamp from the plains of Corwin’s Crossing. After negotiating a fee with Toby’s character, they set off to make their way through the swamp and mountains.

A path through

Toby’s character was familiar with these passes, and knew of an underground river that had carved a caveward path through the mountain so that they didn’t have to take the cold upper passes, but upon reaching it, they were confronted by a group of kobolds who had taken up residence.

Knowing that the kobolds of the area tend to be pests, occasionally raiding the swamp-dwelling peoples, Toby and Emile Yaska decided to force their way through the cave system. After slaying several kobolds, they were left winded, and had to take a rest before continuing on.


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